Tang Agriculture, a Pioneer of High Quality Fruit Industry Chain
Shaanxi Datang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., is located on the starting point of the ancient Silk Road - Xi'an, known as the worlds top four Ancient Capitals. Our company was found in 2004 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. We specialize on varieties of domestic and abroad fresh fruits with premium quality and elite tastes. For over 10 years experiences in fruits industry, we have been a professional operation company covering whole industrial chain of fruit circulation in large-scale agricultural products and fruit marketing in Western China. We now mainly cover the following four business scopes: fruit wholesaling business, Shaanxi-fruit trade business, E-commerce platform supplying and terminal distribution of all kinds of supermarkets in Xi'an. From 2018, we have build good partnership with new retail formats, such as Hema and Jingdong. We are exclusive agents of many well-known fruits brands in China Northwest , such as Silk Road Xiaomi, Australian Orange, 17.5 degree Orange and so on. ..

Whole Industry Chain

Datang Agriculture has established close cooperation with more than 100 high-quality fruit planting bases in Northwest China. At the same time, Datang Agriculture has developed foreign direct-harvesting business with foreign fruit producers such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Egypt, South Africa and so on, focusing on introducing global superiority. Fresh fruit;


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